Hiring the “right” talent is the first step in sustainable talent management. 


We are a boutique executive search firm that partners with clients to understand their culture, as well as the competencies and outcomes for the prospective role. 

We design a rigorous process to identify a diverse pool of top-caliber candidates who possess the right skills and talent. We have successfully recruited a large range of leadership positions including Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Directors and other senior roles.  

A Sampling of Completed Searches

Children's Literacy Initiative
Philadelphia, PA
Chief Financial Officer*

Rocketship Education
Redwood City, CA
Regional Director, Nashville*

Boston, MA
Project Manager (2 placements)*

Staten Island Community Charter School   Staten Island, NY
School Leader*

Tennessee Charter School Incubator Memphis, TN
Fellow (4 offers)*
Educational Entrepreneurs Fellowship Program

The Broad Center
Los Angeles, CA
Deputy Director of Recruitment*
Associate Director*

Achievement Prep
Washington, D.C.
Chief Operating Officer*

KIPP Austin Public Schools
Austin, TX
Director of Finance*
Controller and Assistant Controller*

Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering | Memphis, TN
Executive Director*

New Paradigm For Education
Detroit, MI
Chief Financial Officer*

Noble Network of Charter Schools
Chicago, IL
Chief Financial Officer*

See Forever Foundation
Washington, D.C.
Chief Operating Officer

IDEA Public Schools
McAllen, Texas
Director of Communications*

*Placement was a candidate of color